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Following Your Digital Footprint

“Everything you do now ends up in your permanent record.  The best plan is to overload Google with good stuff and to always act as if you’re on candid camera, because you are!”  ~Seth Godin

What is a digital footprint?
  • name, address, phone number, text, photos, sites you visit, what you say online, what others say about you online...your IDENTITY!
  • the trail left behind during your interactions in a digital world (TV, phone, internet, mobile devices, and more!)
  • data source used to personalize, to target marketing, to establish reputation, to promote socialization

What about privacy settings?

The settings you select online offer only partial protection. Data is collected both passively and actively, then distributed in the same way. It is easily copied, instantly shared, public, mobile, findable, and hard to erase!
Passive Data
Active Data
  • data collected without client knowledge
  • offline use is stored in files as they are created
  • web browsing leaves a digital shadow, gathered via site hits, and cookies, recording IP address, time of access, etc.
  • information is available to and used by marketers, researchers, law enforcement agencies (no probable cause required)
  • some proxy servers collect every keystroke you make!
  • data released by user
  • created online when logging on, posting, editing
  • created offline through a keylogger
  • social media networks leave a personally authored data life stream that includes personal interest trends, social affiliations, behaviors, and location.
  • personal privacy settings can be compromised by applications within social media sites

Did you know...?

  1. In 2008, 26% of all hiring managers use search engines to research the digital footprint of potential applicants (45% in 2009)
  2. 63% of hiring managers admitted that what they found about applicants on social networks, to use one media type, caused them to not make an offer to applicants.  
  3. 50% of recruiters for college graduate jobs exhibited the same behavior.  
  4. Just 3% of self-searchers report that they make a regular habit of it and 74% have checked up on their digital footprints only once or twice.
Footprints that STOPPED the hire!
Footprints that GOT the hire!
  • candidate displayed provacative or inapproprite pictures/content 53%
  • candidate involved/promoted drinking/drugs 44%
  • candidate bad mouthed previous employers 35%
  • candidate demonstrated poor communication skills 29%
  • candidate made discriminatory comments 26%
  • site indicated that candidate lied about qualifications 24%
  • candidate shared confidential info from previous employment 20%
  • other people made negative references to candidate
  • profile provided a good feel for personality / fit within company
  • profile supported candidates professional qualifications
  • candidate was creative
  • candidate displayed solid communication skills
  • candidate was well rounded
  • other people made positive references to candidate
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